5 Steps to Better Presentations

“There are always three speeches, for every one you actually gave. The one you practiced, the one you gave, and the one you wish you gave.” Dale Carnegie Presentations are a critical communication medium which entrepreneurs need to be adept at. Good presentation techniques make it easier to get your point across to your team, investors […]

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3 ways small tech companies can use social media for market research

1. Listen to the problems of your prospective buyers: If given a platform to do so, people will complain. They will be more than willing to preach about how hard something or terrible a product or service is. They will tell you why they can’t buy something, or don’t want to. All you’ve got to […]

Marketing your Startup

Marketing any business in the early stages, is an uphill task. I have a check list I like to go through whenever I am working on, or starting a new project. 1. Niche Identification & Sizing: Regardless of how large or small your marketing budget is, having a one size fits all campaign, will not optimize […]

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Knocking your Competition’s Pricing

A mistake many first time entrepreneurs often make at the negotiating table, is knocking down their competition’s pricing. Regardless of whether you are charging a premium over current market rates or are positioned as a cheaper alternative, the focus of your negotiations should not place heavy emphasis on your competitor’s products/services and pricing model as […]

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Referral Based Business

A few weekends ago, as I woke up in a bed built by a manufacturer my father referred me to, got into a car that “Consumer Report” referred me to, bought a computer that a friend referred me to and went out to dinner to a restaurant that my wife referred me to; I got […]

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