How to Retain Your Audience to your Marketing Campaign

Yesterday I was reading a blog post by Jeremy Richardson titled “Why Retention Should Be Your Top Priority in Social Media Marketing.” He brings up the point that while it’s important to track the virility of your content and social media marketing campaign, it is far more productive to track the retention of your social […]

An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Creating a Magnetic Landing Page

Headline The old cliché goes “if you have 10 hours to spend on a landing page, spend 9 hours on the headline.” However, instead of spending 9 hours on a headline, surf some blogs and websites in your industry. What headlines appeal to you? When you find a headline you like, simply copy the format […]

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The Lowest Price Always Wins

This is one of those myths that prompts many startups to create incorrect pricing structures right from the word Go. This in turn has a domino effect on the rest of the business, since it does not have the capability to produce the level of profit required to make the business viable. The fact of […]

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