6 Ways to Separate Yourself from Your Competitors

1. Be the Greenest company It seems to me that every business is now environmentally conscious.    And every business wants to find green vendors.  But again, I think you are going to have to go all out.  Instead of creating a product that uses 10% less energy, make it so the entire product – including […]

How to Avoid Competing On Price

Why Story is Important If you’ve ever been in sales, either as a business owner or an entrepreneur, or a sales person, you’ve undoubtedly encountered this scenario. You walk into the clients office with your product and a presentation touting the features and benefits of your product.  Your product is superior to your competition’s product. […]

The World Needs More Journalists

Yes, I know the news paper industry is failing.  I don’t think that news papers are the future of journalism. In the purest sense, a journalist is a person who seeks the facts and tells a compelling story about those facts. Likewise, a marketer seeks out the facts about a product or service and then […]

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Why do people buy your stuff?

Ask them.  Believe me, you’ll be ahead of 99.9% of everyone who never picks up the phone to ask. And I guarantee at least one thing will surprise you.

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How I would Fix BP

I was a bit reluctant to write this post because the BP story has been covered ad nauseum.  But then I discovered two things.  First, a quick Twitter Search shows that people are still talking about it passionately.  And second, very few people have tried to offer solutions to help fix the company. To date, BP has […]

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How to Motivate Your Customers to Be Loyal to Your Brand

When a person purchases your product, what are you helping them accomplish?  Are you making it cheaper for them to travel?  Are you making it easier to buy things?  Are you helping them save energy? Once you’ve decided why your customers buy your product, you can then tailor your marketing and design efforts to help […]

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