Five stupid ways to kill a business

Thinking your customers are dumb:  If you believe that your customers are dumb, then what does that say about your business?  Instead of making them feel dumb (and if you believe they are, they can sense it), see the positives each person brings to the table and educate them on what they need to know.  […]

Looking for Customers?

Who are your ideal customers? What do they read, eat and enjoy doing? Where are you most likely to find them? Why should they buy your product/service? As business owners we should have a well drawn out map of who our customers really are. This should include every little bit of information you can find […]

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“This call may be monitored for customer service satisfaction.”

Clearly, we have all heard this. It comes at the end of an annoying phone tree. The problem with this statement is that I’m already unsatisfied – so the bar is set low from the start. It would have been merely satisfactory – not great, or remarkable – if I could have spoken to someone […]

3 ways small tech companies can use social media for market research

1. Listen to the problems of your prospective buyers: If given a platform to do so, people will complain. They will be more than willing to preach about how hard something or terrible a product or service is. They will tell you why they can’t buy something, or don’t want to. All you’ve got to […]

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