How I would Fix BP

I was a bit reluctant to write this post because the BP story has been covered ad nauseum.  But then I discovered two things.  First, a quick Twitter Search shows that people are still talking about it passionately.  And second, very few people have tried to offer solutions to help fix the company. To date, BP has […]

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Don’t Blog Just to Blog

And for that matter, don’t Tweet or Facebook just to Tweet and Facebook. Do it with a sense of purpose. As a marketer make sure that everything that you do helps you accomplish a goal. (That goal could be to make more friends too. It doesn’t have to strictly be revenue related.) If you aren’t accomplishing your goals, stop […]

How to Retain Your Audience to your Marketing Campaign

Yesterday I was reading a blog post by Jeremy Richardson titled “Why Retention Should Be Your Top Priority in Social Media Marketing.” He brings up the point that while it’s important to track the virility of your content and social media marketing campaign, it is far more productive to track the retention of your social […]

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