1. Listen to the problems of your prospective buyers:

If given a platform to do so, people will complain. They will be more than willing to preach about how hard something or terrible a product or service is. They will tell you why they can’t buy something, or don’t want to. All you’ve got to do is listen, then solve their problems. Reading their blogs, following them on Twitter, becoming present in online forums are all ways to monitor the complaints of thousands of potential customers.

2. Start a community of your own:

With software platforms such as Ning, you can give your customers and prospective a safe environment in which to discuss your products. If given the chance, your customers will have the opportunity to not only critique your current products, but they will collaborate in a manner that will allow you to best serve them.

3. Ask Questions:

If you have a blog, you can post a survey on it and receive feedback. If you have a presence in forums and a reputation for providing help, then you can ask questions. It’s easier than ever to engage your customers. Ask questions about your industry, and engage your customers in a conversation.