Clearly, we have all heard this. It comes at the end of an annoying phone tree. The problem with this statement is that I’m already unsatisfied – so the bar is set low from the start. It would have been merely satisfactory – not great, or remarkable – if I could have spoken to someone without entering my customer ID number, my area code and phone number! You have caller ID, so you should already know my phone number. Any first year computer science student can create a lookup table that links my phone number to my customer ID number. Once you have my customer ID Number, my billing information should be linked to that. Now after two rings we can get down to the business of solving my problem, because that’s really all I care about. I don’t care about your data entry protocols.

Satisfaction – is there ever a word more relative and less inspiring? If your boss is monitoring the call and feels that you did a satisfactory job, then nothing happens. If the customer on that same call feels you did a less than satisfactory job, he or she won’t be a customer very long.

As a small business owner, you are in the enviable position to touch your customers directly. You don’t sit behind a huge desk, sheltered from the front line! If you want to know your competitive advantage to the “big guys”, it’s that! If something is wrong, or the system is flawed, you can change it in an hour. There is no red tape, no bureaucracy. Please, take advantage!

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