Often, companies will say on their website that they have great customer service – and that’s their point of differentiation, or the story that they try to tell themselves and their customers.  Most of the time, as a cynical marketer, I simply roll my eyes.

It’s easy to claim that you have “excellent customer service”.  It’s extremely hard to actually live out the story.

Other World Computing and ScanSource are two companies who are truly using the web to build their brand around customer service.

Be there 24/7

Other World Computing has utilized Youtube to reach and engage their online audience. While they aren”t creating funny viral videos, they have integrated Youtube into their tech support team. The company created an extensive series of free “How-To” installation videos on the customer service portion of their website. This creates both dialogue and praise and gives their customers the feeling that they are always there to help them, even when a customer service rep isn”t directly engaged.

  • If you need to install a hard drive into a 15” Macbook Pro, there”s a video for that.
  • If you need to install an optical drive into a 17” Macbook Pro, there”s a video for that.
  • If you need to replace your battery on your iPhone, there”s a video for that.

Connect your customers to each other

One of the services that ScanSource currently provides is connecting their channel partners in order to greater their chance of completing a sale. For instance, a reseller might ask ScanSource if they knew a software development company that would enable the completion of a project. Or a software development company would ask them if they knew a reseller who can act as a sales agent for their software.

In order to make this work more efficiently, ScanSource created SUMO; a Match.com type service for their channel. Now, any one of their channel partners can join (there are already 1500 members just 6 weeks after launch) and partner with and build as many possible relationships as they see fit.

This type of service not only benefits ScanSoure”s channel partners, but it also creates a loyalty amongst the partners to ScanSource itself. Remember, when a channel partner increases their sales, that means ScanSource is selling more product to them.

Be the Best

The only way to accurately tell the “customer service” story to your audience is to go out of your way to be the absolute best.   Being the best means that you build policy and implement technology with your customer in mind instead of which is more convenient for your business.

For instance:

  • Instead of a 90 return policy, you have an unlimited return policy.
  • Instead of your customer service department reading from a script, they are fully trained on your products.
  • Instead of your engineers being silo’d, they have direct interaction to your customers in order to design better interfaces.

What are some of your favorite customer service stories?