I was speaking to a friend recently who was planning a trip to Disney World with his family.  We all know that every kid, and even most grown-ups get excited about going to the most “Magical Place on Earth.”  But what makes it so magical?

Hershey Park Happy

About 2.5 hours drive outside of Philadelphia, lies a little town called Hershey, Pennsylvania (You know, where the chocolate comes from).  In Hershey there is an amusement park with roller coasters, slides, and things that spin around.  But very rarely does a family, even in the north eastern part of the country, get the same enthusiasm for going to Hershey Park as they do Disney World.

Why is that?  The roller coasters are just as fast.  The slides are just as big.  It’s certainly a lot cheaper.  And the lines aren’t that long.

Disney’s Consistent Story

Yes Disney World is a lot larger than Hershey Park, but that’s not what makes it so special.  What makes Disney so special is the story that’s weaved into the amusement park experience.

You don’t just wait in a 45 minute line to get onto a ride.  Instead, you are exploring the outskirts of a jungle prior to boarding your vehicle that takes you on an adventure.

You don’t even take a shuttle bus from the airport to your hotel.  Instead you take “Disney’s Magical Express”.  (Which by the way, the line for this is always 10 times longer than the line for any other shuttle bus.)

And how great is it to shake the hand of your favorite characters throughout the course of the day?

The real magic of Disney is that you aren’t just a visitor in the amusement park.  You become a part of the story.  And that story is consistent from the time you arrive at Orlando’s airport till the time you get back onto the plane to go home.  Never once does it waver.

The Direction of the Cloud Marketing Lab Blog

Over the past several weeks, I’ve been searching for what in particular about marketing that I love and that you guys care about.  How can this blog stand out?  What is my passion?  What direction do I want to take this blog?

The more I thought about it, the more I became convinced that I wanted to write a blog about the stories that businesses tell with their products, marketing and service, and the connection/disconnection between that story and the customers.

It is my hope that you guys find this journey to be fun, funny, rewarding, and insightful.