How to Motivate Your Customers to Be Loyal to Your Brand

When a person purchases your product, what are you helping them accomplish?  Are you making it cheaper for them to travel?  Are you making it easier to buy things?  Are you helping them save energy? Once you’ve decided why your customers buy your product, you can then tailor your marketing and design efforts to help […]

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The Customer Service Conundrum

Often, companies will say on their website that they have great customer service – and that’s their point of differentiation, or the story that they try to tell themselves and their customers.  Most of the time, as a cynical marketer, I simply roll my eyes. It’s easy to claim that you have “excellent customer service”. […]

Why is Disney the most “Magical Place on Earth”?

I was speaking to a friend recently who was planning a trip to Disney World with his family.  We all know that every kid, and even most grown-ups get excited about going to the most “Magical Place on Earth.”  But what makes it so magical? Hershey Park Happy About 2.5 hours drive outside of Philadelphia, […]

Don’t Blog Just to Blog

And for that matter, don’t Tweet or Facebook just to Tweet and Facebook. Do it with a sense of purpose. As a marketer make sure that everything that you do helps you accomplish a goal. (That goal could be to make more friends too. It doesn’t have to strictly be revenue related.) If you aren’t accomplishing your goals, stop […]

10 Inexpensive Ways to Reach Your Customers

In marketing, we reach our audience by using a variety of touch points.   Let me first explain what I mean by “touch point”.  For me, a touch point is any time your business engages/touches your audience and they in turn feel valued.  The second part is the key.  Your customers need to feel you.  When […]

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