Yesterday I was reading a blog post by Jeremy Richardson titled “Why Retention Should Be Your Top Priority in Social Media Marketing.”

He brings up the point that while it’s important to track the virility of your content and social media marketing campaign, it is far more productive to track the retention of your social media marketing.

Many marketing campaigns and applications go viral and reach hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people, yet the majority of them are forgotten about in a matter of weeks because people have no real connection to the marketing effort.  It was a cool fad at that time.

Now the business has to start over and find that next “big” thing.

How do you create a connection with your customers to increase retention?

In February, Scott Bishop of Real Time Marketer created the 28 Day Blogging Challenge where he challenged himself, and others to blog for 28 Days in a row in order to increase subscribers, reach new audiences and to become better writers.

By doing this, Scott created a community of 37 Bloggers in the month of February, and not only accomplished his goals of increasing subscribers, but also helped others increase their goals.

A Series of Posts

Almost anyone can create a series of posts like Scott.  If you are in the IT business, you can create a series called “30 Days to a more secure network” and allow your readers to post their results in pictures or text on your blog where they can connect and communicate to each other.

Each day, your community will grow, little by little, but instead of hoping for 100,000 page views, you will build a tight niche audience that will come back each day that you have something to say.  That is far more valuable than having people visit once and not think about you again.