How to Make Your Website More Human

First, allow me to apologize.  Very frequently, I get caught up in “marketing speak” such as “Target Market”, “Audience”, “Demographic”, when describing the businesses that we at Cloud Marketing Labs serve.  Unfortunately, we are like many marketers who get caught up in the numbers.  And it’s easy to see why:  Google Analytics tells us how many hits […]

Five stupid ways to kill a business

Thinking your customers are dumb:  If you believe that your customers are dumb, then what does that say about your business?  Instead of making them feel dumb (and if you believe they are, they can sense it), see the positives each person brings to the table and educate them on what they need to know.  […]

3 ways small tech companies can use social media for market research

1. Listen to the problems of your prospective buyers: If given a platform to do so, people will complain. They will be more than willing to preach about how hard something or terrible a product or service is. They will tell you why they can’t buy something, or don’t want to. All you’ve got to […]

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